5 Powerful User Onboarding Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Have on Their Resource List

By February 16, 2018Uncategorized

To become a successful entrepreneur who enjoys a long and fulfilling career, one of the smartest moves you can make is to build your resource list early. Each time you encounter a helpful tool, add the product link to your resource file. Organize your list into subcategories to make finding your treasures easy. Whenever you need a specific type of business tool, return to your treasure trove to find the tidbits you previously stored away. One type of resource you are likely to need is user onboarding tools. Regardless of whether you are building a mobile or web application, you’ll need to guide new users through your platform. Check out the following five powerful user onboarding tools to see which ones can help you reduce your churn rate and improve customer satisfaction:




Nickelled helps you create onboarding tutorials for your users. Guide new customers through each feature of your platform to ensure they receive maximum benefit from your product. You can use Nickelled to create embeddable walkthrough guides or email standalone guides to new customers. Interactive tutorials can also be created for business teams. Make training easy for new employees, sales representatives, or even to update your marketing team on new initiatives.





Shepherd is another excellent resource for familiarizing customers with your platform. Available as a JavaScript library, Shepherd lets you create interactive tip sheets new users can click on to understand each feature of your product. You can add as many steps to your tip sheets as you need; simply explain each feature and then let users click a ‘next’ button to progress to the next step.





If you’re looking for an add-on tool that doesn’t require fiddling with your code, consider using WalkMe for your user onboarding. This nifty resource lets you create pop-up product walk-through interfaces. Spotlight product features your users can explore, highlight video demonstrations, or point new customers towards training resources like whitepapers and ebooks.



Tour My App


Tour My App is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs to discover. Boost your engagement rates by showcasing all your app features with an interactive tutorial. Customize your product tours, review user analytics, and update your tutorials whenever you have a product update. You can even use Tour My App to provide customers with interactive FAQ pages.





Appcues is a must-discover onboarding resource for savvy entrepreneurs. Create custom application walkthroughs for your new users. Add tool tips to highlight features, integrate slide outs for additional information, or create in-app notifications to share important data. If you want new customers to explore every aspect of your product, Appcues is a terrific tool to help guide them through your app.



If you don’t get your user onboarding system right, your product is destined for failure. Customers aren’t going to deal with a frustrating interface; they will just move on to the next product that is easier to understand. Thanks to helpful tools like those listed above, users can be guided through your interface in a simple step-by-step manner. How many of these resources will you be adding to your bookmark list?